The Mind I

Performance The Mind I, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin / Germany, 2009
Photos: © | Egill Sæbjörnsson & Maria Moraes

A white stage, empty apart from a single chair and a microphone on a stand, is what the audience sees at the beginning of the performance. Suddenly, white stripes start running over the stage as a video projection. A person sealed under a large bedcover walks around so that the lines break up on this figure and the wall behind. The lines disappear and instead we see circles radiating from the head of the person. Sounds like falling drops are perfectly matched to the appearance of new circles, which begin on the person’s hidden face and quickly and regularly expand outward. At a certain point the person is revealed.

The person sits by the unlit wall, so that everything looks quite dark. All of a sudden, a form is projected onto the person. It twists and turns here and there and the person has to change position in order to follow it.

The “game” is eventually over and the person sits still on the chair. Two eyes appear as a video projection beside the person. Then a mouth appears under the two gazing eyes.

The person on the chair and the persona in the video projection start talking to one another. We find out that there is a fundamental difference between them, although we might guess that they are two voices inside the same person. The one projected on the wall, with two eyes made out of coconuts, is rather hyperactive and insists on doing things, like talking, singing.

The person on the chair tries to shut the other one out because he or she is trying to contemplate. They almost get into a fight and both claim to have the right to be the way they are. Eventually the persona on the wall disappears, and colored circles start running over the stage. The person on the stage walks to the side of the stage, grabs an electric guitar, and goes to the microphone and sings a song. A parrot appears in the background and makes noises. When the song is over, a video projection shows a red ball flying out of a basket to the side, and the person turns it into a real ball that starts bouncing.

Espaço Cinematheque, Rio de Janeiro / Brazil, 2008
Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin / Germany, 2009