The Passion According to G.H.

Performance The Passion According to G.H., Festival Escrita na Paisagem, Évora / Portugal 2011
Photos: Egill Sæbjörnsson

The interdisciplinary project is based on the text of the brazilian writer Clarice Lispector. The performance was created in collaboration between the performer and stage director Marcia Moraes (Brazil) and the musician and artist Egill Sæbjörnsson (Iceland). The project has the participation of Teresa Montero (Brazil) as a consultant in the work of Clarice Lispector. The show had debut in Portugal during the Festival Escrita na Paisagem in a short format of 35 minutes.

The Passion According to G.H. shows the identity crisis of a woman, G.H., triggered by the violent encounter with a cockroach. The encounter with this being disgusting, but at least, causes a profound shock to the woman´s world, which starts well, a trip to the interior of itself, in search of “her” truth. A fascinating work, exemplifying the literary and artistic creation as a place that gives the appearance of other worlds, or myths.

Conception: Marcia Moraes
Dramaturgy & Text Adaptation: Marcia Moraes, Teresa Montero and Ingibjörg Magnadóttir
Direction & Performarce: Marcia Moraes and Ingibjörg Magnadóttir
Video Art & Music: Egill Sæbjörnsson